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Secrets to Success part II

fioramagazine October 9, 2012

Anne Lelièvre

This make-up artist has been in the business for two years, and splits her time between doing make-up (she accepts home sessions and does house calls for weddings and photo shoots) and working at a legal firm. “It’s seven days a week,” says Lelièvre of her hectic schedule. “One time, I even did someone’s makeup over my lunch hour!”

Lelièvre started studying makeup through a Mary Kay workshop she found online. “They told me they had free training, which I thought was awesome,” she says. Soon, Lelièvre was ready to, “go bigger”, and started studying catalogue makeup. “Photography makeup requires more details,” she explains.

She says her biggest challenge in becoming a makeup artist was overcoming her shyness. “It was really hard giving out cards and approaching people,” she recalls. Today, she’s beaten the bashfulness, and has built up a solid client base.

Lelièvre, who says she hopes one day to do make-up full-time, is planning on expanding into hairstyling and home spa treatments.

Her advice to aspiring make-up artists? “I would tell them to just keep pushing, keep working hard, and get advice from as many people as you can.”

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-Text by Elisabeth Fraser