Lash lifts make your eyelashes seem longer and more curved. They allow you to spend less time putting on makeup. Another benefit of a lash lift is it resists heat, wind and humidity. The eyelashes are curved for 6 to 8 weeks. There is no maintenance! Unfortunately, it does not lengthen or thicken the lashes. The end result depends on your natural eyelashes.

We use efficient vegan products that work fast and that haven’t been tested on animals.

If you wear contact lenses, you must remove them before the treatment and it is best to wait 2 hours after the treatment to wear them. Do not wet your eyelashes for 24 hours after your lash lift. It is essential to avoid the shower, bath, sauna/steam bath, swimming pool, gym, etc. during this time. It is also recommended to wait 48 hours after the treatment to wear mascara and avoid the use of waterproof mascara, products containing oil and eyelash curlers.

It takes about an hour to perform a lash lift with dye.

Lash or eyebrow dye: $30
Vegan keratin lash lift (fast formula): $50
Vegan keratin lash lift (fast formula) and dye: $75

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