Guidelines to follow after your teeth whitening treatment:

  • Do not eat for 1 hour after your treatment.
  • It is strongly recommended not to consume these products within 48 hours after your treatment: coffee, tea, dark soft drink, energy drink, red wine, grapes, brown sauce, curry, strawberry, beet, tomato, soy sauce, blueberry, etc. because your tooth enamel is more porous following your treatment and therefore risks being more easily stained by these products.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, it is forbidden to smoke them for 48 hours. Otherwise, you will need to wear whitening trays at the end of the day to prevent premature yellowing. Smoking in the 48 hours following your treatment can also cause black spots on your teeth.
  • Never exceed more than 2 treatments per year (6X20 minutes maximum in total)
  • If white spots appear on your teeth, they were already under the enamel, more precisely on the dentin and after the treatment, the enamel is open so we can see these small spots. You must wait 48 hours for the enamel to close to no longer see these spots.
  • If you have discoloration of the gum, you only need to apply light pressure for 20 minutes and it will go away.
  • To avoid sensitivity, use Sensodyne daily. Do not use toothpaste that contains any granules for the next 48 hours.
  • For an even more outstanding result equivalent to that of the dentist, the home whitening trays are highly recommended. Only $49.95 for those who have had a teeth whitening treatment (REG: $69.95)

** Note that for coffee lovers, it is important to continue the whitening treatments at home in order to maximize the result!

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