According to Health Canada, all teeth whitening systems are considered cosmetic products.

It is a simple and safe process for your gums and enamel. Our machine was manufactured in the United States and all our products are made in Canada.


1. Who is not eligible to receive a teeth whitening treatment?

– People under 18 years old;
– Pregnant or breastfeeding women;
– People with sensitive teeth or gums, advanced cavities or defective fillings;
– People who are allergic to peroxide or mint;
– People who react to the UV lamp;
– People suffering from gingivitis or loosening of the gums;
– Fillings, crowns or veneers do not whiten with peroxide. You may consider getting them redone if the colour is different from the other teeth after your treatment;
– People who have not visited a dentist for more than 1 year;
– People who have had a gum transplant must wait 6 months;
– People whose loss of enamel exceeds 1/3 of the tooth (part of the tooth is bluer than the rest of it). Enamel loss can also be caused by ‘holes’ in the teeth or a broken tooth. For the latter, it would be necessary to have the opinion of your dentist.

2. Could a teeth whitening treatment be harmful or dangerous?

No, the recent scientific research done by the University of Leuven in Belgium has shown that when teeth are in a healthy and normal environment, there is no evidence of adverse aftereffects on the enamel or on the gums.

3. What types of substances do you use to perform a teeth whitening treatment?

To perform our teeth whitening treatments, we use 16% hydrogen peroxide. The hybrid peroxide formula we use has been slightly modified to drastically reduce acidity and ensure that the product is soft on the enamel.

4. Can anyone get their teeth whitened?

Any discolouration or staining resulting from tooth decalcification due to excessive fluoride use and porous teeth is likely to have limited results. Those who, through genetics, have gray teeth, will probably also perceive a minimal difference. Nevertheless, we assure you that more than 90% of people will have more than positive effects. Success is assured in healthy, trouble-free teeth.

5. Is the treatment guaranteed?

The results are very satisfying for the vast majority of people. However, the results vary from person to person according to different characteristics such as: age, saliva, eating habits or addictions. In most cases, people will get a good result from the first treatment. Regular smokers and people over 40 will have a slightly less noticeable result because it is the dentin that has yellowed. In general, your teeth will be bright for a period of six months to a year and can stay white for up to three years.

6. Is teeth whitening permanent?

No, in the long run, the consumption of foods, drinks (especially coffee, soft drinks and red wine), smoking and other substances will obscure the whiteness of your teeth. It is therefore recommended to have your teeth whitened at least once a year. With our teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will return to their original color. However, to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, it is recommended to purchase our maintenance pen.

7. What should I do after my teeth whitening treatment?

For a minimum of 48 hours after treatment, avoid coffee, tea, acidic beverages, red wine, beets and any other foods or drinks that may stain teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, you can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums like Sensodyne. It provides fast relief. We strongly encourage you to purchase our maintenance pen to continue the treatment and obtain an even better result.

8. What are the disadvantages of over-the-counter products at the pharmacy?

They remove layers of enamel using small particles that scratch the teeth’s surface and the enamel does not regenerate. This type of product is harmful to oral health in the long term. It is also recommended to check the peroxide level because many of these products come from Chinese websites. Often the size of the gutter is standard and therefore they are often associated with gum burns.

9. How often can I get a teeth whitening treatment?

You can receive a maximum of 6 times 20 minutes of treatment per year: 2 x 60 minutes or 3 x 40 minutes.

10. What is included in your teeth whitening treatment? 

It includes:

Intense black pre-whitening ($15 value)

The formula made with activated charcoal (no granules, so no abrasion) serves to detach what the peroxide does not dislodge. Thus, by preparing the tooth before the treatment, we can get 1 to 3 tones whiter! It is a peroxide-free formula.

Gum Protector: Made in Canada with high quality ingredients, it will prevent all burns during your teeth whitening treatment.

Catalyst ($5 value)

It contains the necessary minerals to maintain the enamel and close about 1/8 the pores of the enamel. Thus, by penetrating the enamel after the treatment, you will avoid a premature yellowing and a possible sensitivity during the 48 hours which follow the treatment.

Turquoise remineralizing gel ($15 value)

This new mineral formula deeply rehydrates the enamel after a teeth whitening treatment. Enamel is an assembly of minerals, hydroxyapatite is composed of: calcium hydroxide, calcium and phosphate. The ingredients that make up our turquoise gel help to assemble these minerals. Several forms of calcium are found in this formula, providing complete protection after your treatment. Feeding the enamel after a teeth whitening treatment helps the pores close to perfection, reducing ALL sensitivities. It also helps prevent premature yellowing in connection with excessive consumption of coffee, cigarettes, red wine, etc. With this high-performance gel, we can get more than 7/8 hydration and close the pores! The pen is included with your care. You must continue the applications at home 3 times a day for 48 hours after treatment. It should be applied to clean teeth and you should let the teeth absorb the product.

Teeth Whitening – Basic Treatment: $119 now on special at $99

This treatment has a duration of only 40 minutes.

Teeth Whitening – Prestige treatment: $149 now on special at $125

This treatment has a duration of 60 minutes. It is recommended for regular smokers and anyone over 40 years old.

Maintenance pen: $49 now on special at $25

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