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If there is one case we want to make today about your face, it’s the fact that the skin you’re in needs to be the base; the canvas, if you will, to all the makeup colors and hues that will fit your made up mug’s bill. And the way to do it right from the start is to do your own little part by coming up with a specific-to-you skincare routine that will keep your said face so fresh and so clean. And we’re now going to go ahead and list all the lil’ steps to achieve this:


The very first thing you must do to bring the clean is cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin for the win. And we’re talking twice, every day. Once in the morning and then right before you hit the hay. That way your skin can heal and breathe before you put on all the pretty makeup that you please. And don’t forget to wash your hands to get rid of the bacteria clans that want to invade this particular plan. Then splash your face with water so warm so your pores can open and not swarm; then in a circular motion, put on your cleansing lotion. Leave it on for about a minute, then get all cleanse-y with it and wash/remove it away with some more warm water, then towel dry okay?


Now it’s on to step two in which we tell you just what you’ll need to set the tone for step three. There are two little things that you’re going to need to bring: A toner and a cotton pad or ball. That’s all. Because you are going to want to use and swipe a toner on for all of the natural pH levels that are now probably gone from the perfect way in which you cleansed and cleaned by doing nothing but listening to what we told you to do in step one with all this skin fun. Oh. And before we forget, this toner step is most adept for those with oily skin, but you can always find one for sensitive skins. Now dab some on your cotton ball and swipe, but don’t rinse it from your face, alright?


Now that you’ve got your face all tight and toned, it’s time that you honed the super duper skincare skill of applying some moisturizer to your grill. And this step is super individualized to and for you because you need to find the perfect lotion for you and your skin to be aptly moisturized. Are you dry? Sensitive? Maybe extra oily? Or do you think you are just kind of normal-y? Whatever the case may be, there is going to be a gel or lotion one for you, guaranteed. And we’re back to using the circular motion of the lotion and make sure to place it on your neck, too, since that’s where you put foundation onto. The more the merrier here, to really soak in to your skin’s barrier.


Now once or twice a week, may we ask that you seek out something that we skincare lovers clamor for? It’s called an exfoliator. And it’s part of your skincare tag team, with its only goal being keeping your skin super clean. It’s a major team player, too, but it’s not meant for you to invite over every day, just once or twice a week like we said, okay? Because it does a complete complexion overhaul and gets rid of all of your dead skin that crawls, burrows and hides in all that lovely daily makeup that you provide. And although it’s a little rough around the edges, it should never feel like, say, sandpaper. And be sure to use it just like your cleanser, but not in tandem, just singular.


This step happens to be a favorite only because you can claim and name it to being the most like a spa visit where you are almost always in awe of how your skin always turns out looking with just one phone call. But you can achieve this look and feeling, too, and all it takes is a once-a-week facial mask tube. But we mean the just once-a-week thing, because if you do it any more, major skin canvas confusion it will bring. Just think of it like the icing on the cake and a nice and much welcomed and needed break to soothe all of your skin after a week’s worth of being all makeup-ed in. Apply it on clean warm skin, though; then just rinse it off with some super cold and soothing H20.

And last but not least, and probably the most important skincare step that we’ll speak, is to stick to this routine that you have now chosen and deemed to be the perfect way for you to keep your skin cleansed, toned, masked, moisturized and ready to display; and don’t worry, it’ll become total habit for you to wake up every day and want to keep your skin so fresh and so clean with this now totally and completely specific-to-you-ONLY skincare routine.

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