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Four Reasons to Book Your Appointment Now!

Makeup Magicians

1All you need to do is learn how to ROCK with what you already have. Fresh make-up looks can turn dreary into diva and give you confidence and swagger to boot.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

2Now we get to wax on, wax off, depending entirely on you and wherever you choose to do with our Hair Removal/Waxing Package, that includes: anywhere from your upper lips and chin to your full face, arms and underarms, (half) legs and thighs to your bikinis and chests, oh my! And don’t worry, we’ve got your full body and back (un)covered too, if that is what you so choose.

Knead for Swede

3Let us ask you this: Do you have a knead? A knead for Swede? Because this option, also most commonly known as the Swedish Massage, is the most popular type of muscle-relaxing massage therapy that focuses in on everything from those pesky never ending ache-y and sore muscles right on down to the aiding of movement to and in your joints.

Give Us a Hand

4If you are looking for something special and out of the ordinary from just your usual polish and dry, then look no further; take a seat and sit right down and give us your hand(s). Because not only do we offer pretty polishes and French Manicures, but our “Satin Hands” treatment too that includes some serious hydration and exfoliation.