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Many women love to experiment with their look and apply their makeup in all sorts of different fashions so that any given day they may look a little different than they did the day before. Because of this a woman may be interested in learning how to apply Asian makeup. At first glance it may seem like a very different or difficult technique to pick up but in truth it can be very simple.


With Asian makeup you won’t find many women wearing large amounts of blush or rouge. The same can usually be said for lipstick as well. That is unless going for a more formal look complete with Kimono. Generally speaking a light toner for a woman’s face and a blush colored lip gloss is what is required of part of the makeup necessities. When looking at the eyes in Asian makeup there is a more substantial amount of emphasis applied here.


This is where Asian makeup starts to make a greater presence. For the most part Asian women choose simple or natural tone eye shadows. What helps make this style of makeup stand out is the presence of eye liner and how it is applied. You’ll want to invest in a high quality soft eye liner to get the traditional affects you may be after. While some women will tell you to stick to black or brown only, you can benefit from colored eyeliner.

Applying the eyeliner can be the trickiest part of Asian makeup. You need to start at the inside corner of the top lid on the eye. As you work the line from inside to outside it will gradually get thicker. At the outside edge of the upper eyelid it will be at its thickest and flow in a gradual curve up.

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