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Ok all you laptop luggers and briefcase huggers, this post is for you, the nine to five lovers who work so hard every second of the day that you often forget to even pay any attention to yourselves, instead opting to just shut that file and put it up and away on a shelf. But we are here now, today, to re-open and re-visit your particular case. And since you’re probably sitting in and attending yet another meeting, we went ahead and took matters into our own hands and asked that your assistants go ahead and pencil us in to teach you all about the fine art of pampering and relaxation. Oh. And just so you know, you may want to take some notes because you are going to want to remember this the next time you try to file it away and forget. So join us, please, and read below for all the ways we are going to list and now show:


Every hard worker knows you can’t get much done if you aren’t organized, so, we’ve come up with a very detailed plan of just how we are going to pamper you, the hardworking businessman. Answer us this: when is the last time you did this: Took the time to really lather up and shave so fine? Bet it’s been a good long while so why not let us compile the perfect package for you where we do not only that, but a little covering up and some major microdermabrasion, too; only for you to return to work, all smooth.


So maybe you as a busy businesswoman only have an hour to spare, well don’t you worry, for we have come prepared. We’ve already figured that you ran over here, and not in flats, so your feet must be killing you. And that’s a fact; good thing, then, we’ve got just the thing for you to sit down and let us start pampering. How about a pedicure? That will be done in way less than an hour, for sure. And we’ll even throw in a little foot massage in there, too, because like we said, your feet just must be killing you.


Now that we’ve got a concrete businessman and businesswoman plan in place, it’s time for some serious talk about your face. And we’ve already cleared it through your assistant that you take more time than just an hour to let us let you in on our skincare and makeup applying powers. Because working hard for the money, as we know you do, we are more than certain you will want to put your best face and foot forward every time. And maybe even become the business model so fine for your next client?

Oh. And there’s just one more thing in which there will be no budging. You absolutely must do this one thing for us since we are taking care of business. You know that smart phone you have attached to your thumbs? Turn it off; only because we’ve got such a small calendar space to show you all about the art of pampering on your feet and face. And remember, too, as you are putting down all the other laptops and briefcases you are hugging and lugging around, it’s only because we want you to stick ‘round long enough to really remember all of this for the next time you try to file it away and forget. For we’ve only skimmed the surface on all the things we can teach about relaxation and pampering. Because just because you are a hardworking busy bee, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or need serious pampering.

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