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And by the “small stuff” we literally mean the teeny tiny and little individual brow hairs you want left unseen. But just how do you want them to depart? Well, this is where we start to impart and also kindly suggest that you maybe think about putting threading to the test and the brow brink. No plucking, tweezing or waxing needed here; just some cotton threads to make sure those hairs always and forever steer clear. So read on as we write below all about the differences as we go between plucking, waxing and then finally threading, too, and how it makes all those unwanted, uninvited teeny tiny and little individual brow hairs that we have brought up with you exit the brow building, leave, go away and shoo.


This is what plucking and tweezing does: In swift little strokes, the hair is plucked; right down from the roots and such. And with this process, although precise, it can sometimes be quite slow and not so nice; even sometimes leaving a bit of irritation behind. Now that you’re on the above mentioned brow brink, why don’t you think about putting down your tweezing tools that you have bought and found, that just so happen to be lying all around; and visit, make a trip and come to the threading side of town? Hmmm?


With waxing comes the inevitability of what we like to call the strip tease. Because, first, wax is smoothed over all of your unwanted and uninvited hairs and then lifted off of your skin so very bare, with a cloth strip that has been (hopefully gently) placed there. It’s quick, yes, but we never said or promised that it would be painless. So maybe you should just leave waxing to your underarms and bikini lines, too. Because heaven forbid, you don’t want anything to become sore, or worse yet, to ever bruise.


Now that you have all the follicle facts about just which way you should choose for your hair plan of attack, why don’t you just leave yourself in the skilled hands of one of our professional thread-baring clan? All you would have to do is lie back and just wait for your eyebrows anew. Because with threading all that it takes is a skilled hand to take cotton threads and let them roll, by gently grabbing them, row by row. Your mouth will be left agape as you see the finished results of your newly crafted brow shape.

So now that we’ve gone ahead, written and explained to you the three main hair removal differences and avenues, we’re pretty certain and sure that you are going to want to procure an appointment today to have all those unwanted hairs of yours to be grabbed gently and row by row with a cotton thread held by a pro that we just so happen to have got, all ready to go, and what not. So if we are correct (which we highly suspect) and by our (thread) count, threading has pretty clearly won. With the final tally and score on the brow board being done and showing it as plucking and waxing with a total of zero and threading with a big old whopper of one; hence making threading the way to take your hair(s) away.

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