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The Basics Of Hair Styling

Hair styling is a way of grooming and is often dictated by latest trends in fashion and cosmetics. Many things influence hair styles among which include culture and fashion trends. Gender may also determine the trend of hair styles.

Aspects Determining Hair Styles

There is a wide range of aspects that determine a subject’s hair style. Desired self appearance is a major determinant of a hair style whilst individual features and the hair dresser’s artistic instincts also play a crucial role. The type of hair style is also influenced by hair type and the way it grows. The hair dresser will also have to put into consideration the shape of the head from various angles in order to come up with an ideal hair style. Hair styles may also be influenced by certain subgroups i.e. punks and religious groups such as Rastafarians or modern fashion trends.

Hair styles are accomplished by grooming the hair in a specific way through the use of things like hair products, gels, combs and blow dryers. Hair styles include perms, permanently relaxed hair, colored hair, cuts and weaves.

Procedures Of Hair Styling & Hair Trimming

Trimming or cutting is used to get specific hair shape and form. Trimming can either involve cutting of uneven ends to make them even or complete removal of hair. Trimming also helps remove split ends. Any specific hair style is maintained through cutting at regular intervals. Hair dressers prefer to cut hair when it is wet since it is easier to stretch and hold in a line and cut to a certain shape.

The Use Of Brushes And Combs

Brushes and combs are mostly used to untangle hair, organize hair so it can lie in the same direction and remove broken hair strands and other undesirable debris like dandruff. There are so many kinds of hair brushes and combs. Today most brushes and combs are made of plastic which can damage the scalp if brushing is not done gently.

The Use Of Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are used in hair styling to reduce the time taken by hair to dry by simply increasing the evaporation rate through the use of hot air. Too much heat can damage hair. Hair dryers have diffusers which weaken the heat by spreading the stream of air over the hair.


Braids are a kind of hair style which involves plaiting the hair. Human hair or synthetic hair can be used. Braiding can result in pulling of hair which damages the scalp and may cause hair loss.

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