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Being able to give a friend something they will truly like and something they will find useful can be tricky. Now add to that trying to make sure that it is something that not everyone else has gotten them and you’ve made it even trickier. Makeup for graduations isn’t something everyone else will think to give. If you don’t feel like you know your friend well enough to pick out the right lipstick try mascaras, eye shadows or even better- a gift certificate.


Once a person has graduated their life always seems to instantly get busier and they suddenly seem to have even less money. This means they are likely to be running around for a few years without easy ways to de-stress. If you give makeup for graduations and choose to give this in gift certificate form you not only make it possible for your friend to get some luxuries, you make them feel special. An ideal way to do this is to give your friend a gift certificate for a session with a professional. This will help them distress and look fantastic. It can also be a gift that gives for several years.

Makeup for graduation gifts in the form of time with a professional will make the recipient happy and will open the door for their learning about different makeup and application techniques. They may also discover a few new things about what looks great on them as well.

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