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Well ladies and gents, it’s that time again, and with September is where it begins; all the many and oh so pretty fall makeup trends to transition and transcend us from the light and airy summer makeup crutch to the rich, dark and deep kind of winter hue luxe. And today, we’ve demised, that this article is going to be about your lips and eyes. From cat-like peepers all swooped to getting you and your pout on the red lipstick route. So come join and read with us now all the ways we are going to give your fall face a POW:


There was a definite and obvious lip trend that everyone from Marc Jacobs to Armani were determined to send down the runways and on the pouts of every model that walked right on out. Whether it was a welcome matte of red like Nina Ricci clearly tread or a super gloss, thick with sheen instead, it was all about one super specific color: Red. So if you don’t have that particular shade yet, go and get it, STAT.


It was very obvious which way the designers were leaning in the age old debate of cat vs. dog, only because of the eye looks that they logged. It was nothing but the feline fete of swiping a cat eye swoop oh so neat. And some even went out of the normal black-lined box and took to a different icy blue hue or a purple one, like at Jason Wu. So it’s very obvious now that this eye look is definitely the cat’s meow.


Another total makeup trend surprise was the new hue that was adorning all the models’ eyes. It wasn’t the usual that we’ve seen, like the brown and neutral smoky scene; no, this was something entirely new, and something we’ll be trying, too. The new color that was all awash was a bold and bright kind of crush. Whether on top of the lid or taken Altuzarra below, all we know is we are going to be giving orange a go.


Long gone are the smoky eye days of old where the two dominant colors were that of brown or gold. There is a new hue in town, and one we hope decides to stay and stick around. It’s always been equated with royalty before and we want to see it more and more. The hue we speak of is a purple-y prune. And we are simply over the eye makeup moon. It obviously made Gucci swoon, so maybe it will YOU, too.


What girl doesn’t like a little glitter, glitz and glam? If you find one who doesn’t, send her right on over our way, understand? Because after she sees the glittery lids that we did, there’s NO WAY she’s not going to want to rid her makeup bag of everything else and just put them all out of sight, on a shelf. Even Ms. Donna Karan agrees, for she put it up and over to the top of the models’ brow bones. Sheesh!


No, no, we’re not talking about the infamous book. But we are talking about this new take on the smoky eye look. No more heavy hue tones, oh no. This grey matter is the one that sheered clear, all alone. It was mysterious, airy and light, like a fine misty fog only seen at night. And everyone from Alexander Wang to Derek Lam got it right. And you will, too, just keep it light, like the airy fog seen only at night.


The last lip look we will opine is all about a fine wine. So luxe, luscious and rich, it’s no shock or surprise that we went with it as one of the most beautiful of the fall makeup trends and we know you’ll agree with us, our fine and trendy friends. From the subtle Louis Vuitton stain to the Miu Miu lined ombre shade. And please, raise a glass with us and “Salut!” to all of the wine-lipped hues so rich, won’t you?

So those are the fall eye and lip makeup trends that we wanted to be sure to defend and send to you and your cosmetic-loving ways. What do you think, what do you say? Are you all in, yea or nay? Which one will you try on your own? Will you make a glittery eye your new hue home? Or is an orange crush more your style and tone? What about the prune-ing sheered eye? Why not pair that with a glass of wine on your lips, too; so chic, so cool. Whatever looks you do choose, just remember to have fun, too.

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