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Have you ever accepted an invitation to attend a black tie affair, only after figuring out just what to wear, left with the decision of what in the world to do with your hair? Or how about having absolutely no problem saying yes to the ring, beau and dress only to end up right before the big day having no clue what to do with your pretty pertinent and kind of important bride-to-be ‘do? Or have you become the snapshot subject of a planned photo shoot and been rendered clueless as to what to do with your roots?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions of stress, you need to click, book and schedule me, stat, as your strand hairdresser to be at that black tie affair, wedding or shoot so we can quickly and stylishly get to the bottom of your roots. And with a portfolio filled with hair choices from A to Z, there is no doubt we’ll find the perfect topknot, chignon or bun for thee:


Is there a beautiful neckline of a dress that you want to show off with and impress? Then there is no reason why you wouldn’t want your hair styled high, high and more high into a lil’ updo that reaches right on up towards the skies.


Let’s get straight to the point. Sometimes we want our curls and waves to do nothing but behave. And for such a strand-specific time, there needs to be an expert to toe the fine line between saying goodbye to our braided and placed plaits and saying hello to the stick straight.


When in front of the lens, we don’t want our hair to bend here, there or everywhere. Instead, we want it perfectly placed as to delicately frame every inch of our photo-ready face. So from naturally windblown to sprayed and set right into place, we just want a hairdresser that will be there to win this hair-taming, photo shoot-taking race.


On your big day, while you’re blushing away, you want to be able to say that you had anything but a bad hair day. And with someone there on that special day that knows how to and is ready and willing to tame every last little inch of your veiled hair and mane, you’ll be able to say yes and ‘I do’ to not only your heart’s chosen muse, but to your adorably darling ‘do too.

So now having no doubt that you really want and need a hairdresser to help you out, why don’t you go now and map out a route for exactly why, where and when you’ll need a hair-doin’ friend to take out her comb and brush-filled hand to lend as she gets ready to mane mend with every bobby, barrette and pin? Because all that’s left now is for you to say when.

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