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We all know what summer brings (for all things bridal-y): Weddings, weddings and some more weddings. But today we’d like to focus on the “pre” in those particular ceremonial festivities; namely (and specifically) the bachelorette party. The one celebration where there are absolutely NO MEN. No tuxedos, no fiances, no grooms-to-be, just a soon-to-be wifey and her band of merry bridesmaid girlies. So let the wild rumpus, err … the pampering begin ‘cause girls just wanna have fun; and then some, yes?


If there’s one main (and so very important) job that the bridesmaids have to honor and lob, it’s to make sure that the center of attention is on the bride-to-be previously mentioned; for she’s the one all this celebrating is for, so we want to be sure that she is pampered and catered to, through and through. So whatever activities are on the list, just make sure that she gets first pick for any and ALL of it; ‘cause you’re going to want her to be nothing but all sorts of elated, giddy and happy when she is aisle-walking.


You know the saying, right: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? But you can look on the bright, not just the bride side. Think of it as a way to see what you’ll want on your own future big day. Will you follow in your friend’s bridal footsteps and have the best pampering bachelorette party yet? Filled with manis, pedis, makeup and hairstyles galore? Then be sure to write this down for when your day comes around.


No girls gone wild here, just girl gone styled. But styled, like, to the t; because if you have us cater to you and the blushing bride-to-be, you’ll be able to see just how we can help you help her on her big day when she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle, okay? Like facials and even some massage, not to mention the barrage of makeup colors and hairstyles we’ll try to see which one(s) you all can/will like.


But we’re not even close to being on our merry little pampering way, not when we still have so many tips/tricks to give away. Because now that we’ve cemented down not only the nail polish and makeup colors that best go with your bridesmaid and bride’s gown, we’ve still got to pick the most important cosmetic aspect: The color of the bride’s lipstick. With her glowy, dewy skin, what lipstick will she be in? Will it be Marilyn Monroe red or Audrey Hepburn pink? It’s a big decision to say ‘I do’ to, don’t ya think?

So now that all that relaxing massaging and makeup-applying pampering is done for both the bride-to-be (and you), aren’t you so glad you chose us to cater to both the deserving center of attention blushing bride and her maid of honor and bridesmaid, no-men-allowed crew at her side? We know that we are. Phew! For now the only decision left to make is just how many glasses of bubbly champagne will it take for you to properly (and officially) celebrate the little bride-to-be on this, her bachelorette party a la pre.

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