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Seeing how the sun outside is shining oh so bright, we think it is the perfect time to talk about the much-debated whether to wear (or not to wear) any beach makeup. So for those of you who aren’t so keen on wearing much of anything but maybe, say, a swipe of sunscreen on your pretty little face, we just want to plead and make our makeup case by letting you be aware that you can wear makeup to the beach; just here and there; and by that we mean a ‘less is more’ approach to looking nothing but beachy keen, of course. So please, read below on just how to be in the know on how to get a bronzed & beach-y glow:


No one wants to be nicknamed or deemed Captain Obvious while at the beach; meaning you don’t want to be the one out there not enjoying the sun because you are worried that the full face of makeup that you did painstakingly put on may just melt off. So just remember to take our ‘less is more’ approach by using products that will win our makeup votes; starting with moisturizer that has SPF and a hint of a tint.


Been there, done that when it comes to looking like a bright red lobster baking in the sun. So to offset that not-so-wanted crimson shade while out there surfing and riding those waves, remember the first rule of our beach-y keen beauty school: Sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen again, then a moisturizer with just a bit of a tint; because if you do that, you’ll get rid of that unwanted shade of bright red.


The best thing about this next makeup rule from our beach beauty school is that you have all the colors you are ever going to need to make up your face right in front of your nose all sunscreen-ed. So the next time you’re out on a summer’s day, take a look through your shades at the sun and the colors it has and remember to put those same colors right in your makeup bag: Pinks, peaches, gold and bronze. Those are all the colors you will ever need to worry or think about putting on. Bronzed beach goddess?!? Done.


We’ve come to our last beach beauty rule, but it’s a good one to remember as a makeup tool: Avoid any cosmetic that is extra creamy or tends to stick. Because it’s just going to act as a kind of glue and make everything, including sand, stick right on to beachcombing you. So remember Captain Obvious’ number one scoff, won’t you, about her makeup melting off and through and think light and not creamy, alright?

So the answer as to whether you should wear makeup when going out into beach weather is a resounding yes from us so very beachy keen, as long as your remember to bring along all the rules we’ve just written down/listed for you, because, if you do, there is no way that anyone will mistake you for a red lobster just waiting to bake or a Captain Obvious melting from a fully (and unnecessarily) made-up face. Because with a ‘less is more’ cosmetic beach beauty school approach you are already going to naturally scorch, glow and be seen; even if all you happen to be wearing is a simple swipe of sunscreen.

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