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You may be thinking we are talking about the holiday with the red and green color scheme today, but that’s where you’d be wrong because we are talking about wedding season, y’all! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of us here: All the love in the air and flowers and champagne to spare. And with the recent addition of everyone being about to fulfill their personal marrying mission and tie the knot, too, well there’s no reason not to! So if just the mere thought of a wedding gets your eyes all sorts of teary, you may want to grab a box of tissues before reading the rest of this little article, dearies.


Whether you are a man and a man all summer linen suit or black and white tuxedo clad or a girl and a girl in white fluffy dresses just begging to be twirled, then we are here today to not only officiate but to also most happily celebrate that the day finally came where you can equally proclaim and profess your love. Yes! Yes! Yes! And also fist bump and high five you too for being such brave li’l rule breakers, you!


If you think about it, we’d be in more than a little bit of a glitch without you all getting hitched; especially during this time of year that is filled with such happiness and cheer – because as everyone knows, as far as wedding season goes, summer is the place along with the months of June and May. Where would our business be if we couldn’t pamper all of you, the beautiful brides and grooms-to-be?


There’s not a sweeter sound in the world than that of a wedding bell ringing, that’s for sure. So to really ready yourselves for your big day before you stand in front of everyone to say your ‘I dos’ then you best hire us, it’s true; do you need your hair done into a fancy ‘do? Or perhaps only a calming couple(s) massage will do or to calm your pre-wedding cold feet, perhaps a soothing pedicure is what you need?


Promise us one thing, please? That you’ll let us give you a proper manicure beforehand, capisce? Because you’ll most definitely want all those pictures of your hands and fingers and matching rings to be nothing but shiny and oh so sparkly; and don’t even get us started on all of the waterproof mascara that will need to be applied (and to your whole wedding party) we’re talking to you: mothers-of-the-brides!

So although we didn’t end up talking about the holiday with the red and green color scheme today, don’t you think we had an even better reason to blog and chat all about weddings this summery season? Umm … Yep! And just how gosh darn happy we are to finally be able to make all you grooms and grooms and brides and brides the center of attention with all this wedding (season) pride? Just do us one last teeny tiny little thing, before your wedding bells start to ring: Remember to book your appointment(s) today before there is no more space in June or May for us to honor and pamper you rule breakers, you!

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