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Given the title of today’s article specific hue, we bet that you have already deduced that we are talking about and to an orange shade of lipstick that also just so happens to go best with (and when) it’s sealed with a kiss; seeing how the color orange is the perfect pout pick for spring’s “getting lippy with it” trend. But we aren’t going to just stop there (wouldn’t be fair) because we are also going to take this lip color trend everywhere and place it on the face along with the others colors that make it pop and look SO hot.


It’s okay to go ahead and admit that you are kind of sort of glad there’s a new shade of lipstick in town instead of all those other reds that are always around; it can be a nice change to take your current makeup shades and give them a bit of a tousle and shake because it really is all for your spring face’s sake. So instead of a bright, tried-and-true red tube, why not try a bright matte (or glossy) orange hue?


Having orange on your lipstick team can prove to be quite a good thing. No, really. Because we as your cosmetic coach are about to reveal a secret pout play that you can use every day when you are making up your face. Did you happen to know that orange lipstick also goes with every brown and beige shadow and liner that you have on your face; which means it’s the perfect layer aka your all-around pout player.


We may be exaggerating just a bit with the number of colors you can get out of an orange tube of lipstick, but if you are still even the slightest bit orange hue hesitant, we have a super easy fix for it, but you must repeat after we: Blot, blot and then blot some more if the lip look that you are going for is a bit more sun-kissed; but if you are willing to jump in full force, pile it on straight from the tube, of course.


That’s not the only secret we want to admit. There’s one more that we think you will really want to get. How about the fact that your orange tube of lipstick can also act as a total and complete cosmetic triple threat?!? Think of it this way, if you want you can go ahead and do away with any and all other makeup shades, we promise it’ll be okay for you can do a triple play on eyes, lips and cheeks. Isn’t that neat?!?

So see, by reading this article, all orange hue specific-y, you now know all of our cosmetic secrets and just how to get the perfect orange pout and lippy kiss. And we also think you may just want to maybe stop the use of every other colored tube in your makeup case when making up your right-on-spring-trendy face. But if you take and remember one thing from all of these secrets that we so happily bring, remember this: your lipstick is always best when sealed and then sent with a bright orange-hued kiss.

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