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Do you have darker skin? And feel like in the foundation color picking game you just can’t ever win? That the colors never quite exactly match your face? Then goodness gracious, have you come to the right place! And it’s a good thing, then, that you came to us: Your makeup magicians. Because we just so happen to have all the colors of foundation to perfectly match your ebony skin in our colorful spectrum.


Trust that we know how difficult it can be to have to play the foundation color guessing game at the local drugstore, ladies. There’s never a sample bottle at the ready to try, so you have to hope that you are getting the right color when you buy. Or maybe you are too intimidated to go to the counter at the department store; we get it, we do, though. So why not come here, and face your foundation-y fears?


Remember when we told you we’ve got a whole colorful rainbow and slew of foundation hues from which you can choose? Well, it really is true; so no more worrying about how you are going to have to settle for an almost-right or close enough dark hue and swipe because you’ve come to the perfect place for a foundation color consultation for your pretty face, alright, a.k.a. our foundation for a better swipe.


You’ve read the age old trick of how to make sure your foundation matches you, like oh so perfect? There’s the standby of a quick swipe right down by your jawline; or the other trick of swiping it on the inside of your wrist? But whatever you do, you just have to make sure that the line of color 100{3286fba155b05bfd2a83c1d864b78b151af209382e2c678c715adcb1d48b8809} and completely disappears. And that’s just what we can do when playing foundation matchmaker for you.


A magician usually never reveals a trick, but we hope that you can keep this secret. But you have to promise to keep it only in your mind. Seriously, you can’t go out and opine on what we are about to tell you; got it? Cool. Did you know that one color could never really perfectly match a face? Nope. There’s usually at least one other that needs to be mixed in place? So we think it’s safe to say you better get yourself to our studio space and let us mix and match one or even two darker foundation colors for you.

So maybe you can now breathe a bit of a sigh of relief knowing that you are always going to win the foundation guessing game when you compete because you’ve got a secret, your own bag of tricks in us, your foundation and makeup magicians. No magic wands or bunnies being pulled from hats needed here; just the confidence in knowing you no longer need fear the wrong foundation color, ebony dears.

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