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Do you just so happen to be a sports or music artist/celebrity? And find that you been looking for what seems like nothing short of an eternity for a totally and completely private and confidential way for you to get a relaxing and much-needed at-home massage today? Well, what if we were to tell you that we do just that for you. No more having to throw on dark hoodies or shades to hopefully hide away from camera-wielding paps as they snap, snap and snap pic after pic of you when all you were trying to do is simply go somewhere quiet and zen to get your weekly wanted massage appointment in. So if who we have just described happens to be you, read below for what we can do:


We thought it only appropriate now to start with just what exactly how and what we will be offering you when we get to your doorstep. Then what you’ll read below next is what massages we offer you, just a little bit more defined and specific. From Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue, one of our massage services will most definitely be right for your home and you; and we also want to be sure to let you know that our utmost confidentiality will always be in tow, along with our professional portable massage table and some relaxing and soothing music. That’s it. Now you’re on our knead to know basis.


So just what exactly is a massage that is Swedish? Well, it refers to a wide variety of techniques that are designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, all while rubbing in the same direction of your blood – that’s returning to your heart – and its flow. So just imagine for a tiny, ittty bitty sec how relaxing it could or would be, yes, to be in the comfort of your own home and having a deep massage directed to all your sore and aching muscles and bones; sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us — or should we say a “swede” deal.


Have you been suffering from a chronic stiff or sore shoulder or neck? What about lower back tightness? Then we may just have the massage for you with the one that they call Deep Tissue. It is similar to classic massage in the way that it attacks your unwanted tension and pain in a barrage of concentrated strokes, they’re just much, much, much more slow and the pressure is deeper to make sure it’s the definition of a pain reliever.

So, in closing to all of these massage and kneadful things, we think perhaps it should again be repeated and said that we can be 100{3286fba155b05bfd2a83c1d864b78b151af209382e2c678c715adcb1d48b8809} completely trusted when it comes to you and your confidential celebrity status and privacy, too; because there is nothing we take more seriously than that of the action that you’ve taken to choose us and we to provide these at-home massage services to you. And maybe after you have received a more than satisfactory tissue massage deep and/or Swede, you’ll want to refer us and our private at-home massage services to other sports, music artists and celebrities, too.

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