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If the answer to this question is a year, two years or even worse – never, it’s high time you consider this fantastic luxurious treat. There is no single thing that can truly help a woman feel more relaxed than a wonderful spa or pamper treatment, unless it’s a makeup pampering session. Just in case you haven’t already scheduled one, here are a few reasons you should.


With busy lifestyles it’s hard to find something that can help you feel truly spoiled. Getting a makeup pampering session can be just the ticket to making you feel treated and extra special in a way that you haven’t in a long while. In addition to this a makeup pampering session can help you feel more relaxed and ready to continue on with your busy lifestyle. Take a few moments out of your life and kick back with a makeup pampering session.


When you decide to sign up for a makeup pampering session you’ll get a chance to see how a professional would apply your makeup. This can be a useful way to learning a new skill set when it comes to how you apply different products. It can also be a fantastic way to learn about products you might otherwise not have known was available. A makeup pampering session can teach you different ways to help take care of your skin as well as proper techniques for removing eye makeup. Many women don’t realize that if they knew a little more about makeup and the way it is applied and removed they would have an even easier time of getting it to do what they want it to do.


For many people makeup can be a bit of a mystery. In actuality a nice bit of makeup can not only make you feel great, it can also earn you many compliments along the way. Here are a few makeup tips to help you along the path to health and beauty.


One of the best makeup tips you’ll ever adhere to is not to put too much on. Start with the basics like a nice foundation, light eye shadow, mascara and gloss. Some people want to jump in and get both feet wet right from the get go, by getting the darkest lipstick and shadows that are available. If you haven’t been working with makeup or even a certain brand of makeup, you should consider getting the lighter shades first. When you’re actually applying the makeup it’s also an important idea to not start with a heavy layer. Start out simple and with light strokes and shades and you can always apply a little to get the affect you are after.


This applies to a few different areas in regards to makeup tips. You will want to make sure that your face or your ‘canvas’ is clean and ready for makeup. A light lotion is perfect for a foundation for many ladies, especially if it has some sun protection in it as well. But keeping it clean applies to more than just your face. It’s also important that you make sure you keep your makeup fresh as well. Mascara in particular needs to be replaced it least every three months. It’s not uncommon to see ladies working with makeup that looks to be more than a decade old. This is not the healthiest choice for your skin. Keep it fresh and you’ll always look fresh.


Looking for a fun way to enjoy a little girl time? Purchase a Spa Treatment or a Complete Makeup Lesson! Invite your girlfriends.  Enjoy makeovers.  Exchange beauty tips. Call us today to schedule the fun.


See yourself in a whole new way with a color makeover! Find a look that expresses your style, your personality, your life. Call us to create a fabulous look that’s uniquely you. You’ll love what you discover. Your pampering session includes a complete personalized skin care program that you will be able to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. During your consultation we will show you personalized makeup techniques according to the shape and color of your eyes, face and hair. You will be able to pick your favorite fragrance to finalize it all!

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