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Tis’ the season to be jolly, la la la la la, la la la la. Christmas is an annual festival looked forward to by billions and billions of people. You’ve got to love this occasion and we’re pretty sure you’re thrilled to search for the best outfit and the perfect look for this most awaited event. So here are some makeup tips that will make you look perfect and be the party’s highlight!

Brush that usual and natural daily makeup aside because this is neither the time nor the event. These celebrations require a more flashy and ostentatious look – probably one of the rarest times to show people who or what you can be. Ready? Let’s face it!

Start with the perfect canvas! Makeup is an art and like every artist, it is imperative to protect and soften the canvas. Moisturize and grab the perfect foundation shade that disappears with your jaw line even without blending it and yes, choosing a shade that’s too light for you will make it look fake. Conceal before foundation – this will lessen your use of the concealer and avoid that cakey look.

Eyes – Windows To The Soul

Smokey or sparkly, that’s up to you! Never say never to too much and this is the best time to be too much. Smokey eyes will give you that bold and dramatic look. If you look great in it, rock it! Sparkly eyes are gaudy and perfect for night parties. Use metallic colored eye shadows, add some falsies and finish off with a few coats of mascara.

Smashing Lashes

Definitely falsies! Getting that perfect makeup look and accentuating eyes are just around the corner. False lashes are the perfect tool for this transformation. Lips are luscious and lashes should be too because a flutter of the lashes can get a girl everywhere!


Make your eyes and lashes pop with an eyeliner! This is a “must have” in makeup and is like the salt to your “pepper.” Forgetting to apply this is a big no-no.

Luscious, Bold & Glamorous Lips!

Red lips are classic and perfect for a Christmas and party look. If you want to make a good impression and make yourself the very best, get noticed and stand out from the crowd – choose a bold color that compliments you!

Lip Liner

Lipsticks are great, with lip liners – they’re perfect! This is the dynamic duo that shouldn’t be overlooked. Choose a lip liner matching your lipstick color for a more natural look. This makeup key element can make your lips look more attractive and seductive.

Blush – Never A Miss

Never leave home without it, especially for parties! Add a dash of warmth to your healthy-looking skin and glow for your Christmas look. Having those high cheekbones aren’t hard to achieve – sculpt those cheekbones with a blush or two!

Hairdo Galore

“Your hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory,” says Jill Scott. Whatever the style you want or length you have, there’s always a style perfect for you – ask your hairdresser now!

Color Matching

Playing and matching different colors are tempting. Make sure you choose the color that compliments your skin tone.


The most important and inexpensive makeup you need to wear for this occasion is your SMILE. Now that you have everything you need to be on the spotlight, lift that chin up and wear that SMILE!

In this era, we have the best perk of all – nothing is off limits in the sense of fashion. There are no mistakes when it comes to style, simply own it and pull it off. Move out of your safe zone and show the world that “too much is never enough” because girls, just want to have fun!

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