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Oh, the teenage (skin) years. Where times are definitely changing. And it’s now, right now, when you need all the tips and tricks you can get – and that we are going to happily teach and give to you – when it comes to taking care of and maintaining this new, ever-changing skin that you are finding yourself in. Consider this your Skincare 101 Basic Training Course.


When it comes to the cleaning of your skin, the number one rule to follow is to remember that it’s important to start getting into a healthy routine now of washing your face two separate times a day: Once in the morning when you rise and shine and once right before you head to bed at night. Why? Because your skin is constantly changing, shedding and producing oils so you want to be sure to not only wash ‘em away for a fresh start to your day, but again at night so you wake up so fresh and so clean.


Debunking the myth of not needing to put on moisturizer because your skin is already oily enough is our next plan of attack. Because, you see, as soon as you have cleansed and cleaned your face, both morning and night, you have subsequently stripped your face of all its natural oils, making it think it needs to automatically produce even more. Cue the overly oily skin you’re constantly cosmetically combating. But by applying a moisturizer that, remember, has been picked out for you and only you, it tricks your skin into thinking it’s already following oily orders by producing all those necessary oils that make you uniquely you.


Now this one’s important. You may think by scrub-a-dub-dubbing and exfoliating away every day, you are doing you and your face a huge favor by ridding it of all those dead cells and giving it a nice new layer to work with each and every time, but in all actuality, you may be scrubbing away some necessary and essential oils your skin needs to stay at is clean, dewy and brightest best and scrubbing in some super and unwanted skin sensitivity instead. So the next time you are wanting to scrub-a-dub-dub away, just remember to rinse and repeat with this exfoliating mantra: A little goes a long way, like only one or maybe two days a week.


When it comes to what makeup to put on your new fresh and clean, shiny and bright skin, you really must follow the age-old regime of less really is more. As tempting as it to paint your new palette with as many camouflaging colors as you can and to get rid of every unwanted pimpled enemy, just try to initiate this little exercise: Stop before you pop. We don’t want any unnecessary war wounds and/or scarring, now do we? Besides, having already expertly practiced what you preached by cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating, you are in possession of the prettiest kind of face you could ever receive: YOURS.

So as long as you, our downright and dedicated teenage skincare soldier, continue to follow the rules and guidelines, tips and tricks, set forth in and through this Skincare 101 Basic Training Course, you are well on your way – with every past and future daily cleanse and scrub – to graduating with the highest of honors from what we have appropriately dubbed: Teenage Basic Training.

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