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Say ahhh to our spa by choosing one or maybe more of the skin-sational services offered below:


Are you ready to do some two-steppin’? Because with our simple microdermabrasion process, we give those pesky and unwanted little lines a run for their money on the dermatological dance floor with our one-two stepped dance by first, using dermatologist-approved crystals to exfoliate and get on down to your most radiant skin and secondly, by using our secret skin weapons called antioxidants to replenish and moisturize for that ‘danced the night away’ glow.


What’s the secret to the perfect and oh-so-coveted quintessential stays-for-days lipstick-y lip? It’s making sure that your bare lips are extra hydrated and super smooth before you swipe any shiny glossy shades onto your pretty little pout. And with our “Satin Lips” package, that’s just what you’re going to have: Quenched and hydrated, satin-y smooth and exfoliated perfectly covetable, stays-for-days quintessential lipstick-y lips. Every single lip-swiping time. Guaranteed.


This isn’t your average manicure. Oh no. Not by any means. So if you are looking for something special and out of the ordinary from just your usual polish and dry, then look no further; take a seat and sit right down and give us your hand(s). Because not only do we offer pretty polishes and French Manicures, but our “Satin Hands” treatment too that includes some serious hydration and exfoliation. But please, hold your applause. Unless you just really, really want to show off your brand new nothing-average-about-‘em nails. In that case, we take a bow.


Step right up, literally. And bring us your toes, so we can not only paint some picked-out-by-you polish on them during your sit-back-and-relax pedicure, but also so we can give them some much-needed and well-deserved extra exfoliating attention and hydrating time as you do nothing but comfortably unwind and let us get down to what we call fancy footwork.


Smooth sailing ahead. Well, at least smooth (skin) cell-ing; that’s what you can expect and look forward to if you decide to choose and go with our Full Body Exfoliation. It’s that simple. If smooth, touchable soft skin, from the very top of your head down to your freshly polished and well-manicured toes, is what you so desire, then be sure to opt for this part of our body of work.


Now we get to wax on, wax off, depending entirely on you and wherever you choose to do with our Hair Removal/Waxing Package, that includes: anywhere from your upper lips and chin to your full face, arms and underarms, (half) legs and thighs to your bikinis and chests, oh my! And don’t worry, we’ve got your full body and back (un)covered too, if that is what you so choose.


Ladies, this one’s for you. Sometimes, just sometimes, we need a helping hand to not only knead out all the day’s grueling, unruly and unwanted knots, but to help us de-stress and regress back to a time where we can truly, completely and 100 percent-ly relax and then rewind.

 Now that you know just which spa services are a go, call or book today to let us spoil you!

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