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Ok boys. Question. When was the last time you spent any real time – we’re talkin’ longer than just ten little minutes here and there – to really sitting down to relax and take care of yourself? Nobody else but you? If you’re nodding your head and/or scratching it in utter disbelief at this particular thought because you just can’t seem to pin down or remember the last time, if ever, that you have done this … then maybe it’s about time. Time for a major pride and groom-like session. For nobody else but you. And all in the comfort of your very own home for some much-needed and much-deserved Groom With A View with our 45-minute, 50 dollar male grooming package, which includes:


When you’re walking out the door to get an early start on yet another busy day, I bet the last thing you’re thinking of is that big ol’ bright sun and all its ruthless rays and what they could possibly be doing to you and that manly mug of yours, right? Well, have no fear because damage control is here in the form of our rewind-the-clock anti-aging, and environmentally friendly facial. So the next time you walk out the door, be proud in knowing you’re doing your preventative part for not only the planet but your own totally deserving self too.


Every now and then, a little guy maintenance is in order, some simple upkeep, if you will. And there’s no better place to start than at the top with just a little snip-snip here and a teeny tiny tweeze there and – voila! – you will be sitting pretty … err … handsomely AND will have the most perfectly well-groomed and masculinely-maintained oh-wow kind of  brows. And how.


Face it, fellas. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to give in and take a load off of those super stressed-out shoulders of yours and yep … you guessed it … sit back and relax. Why? So you can get a skin-soothing and full-o’-foam face only shave and after shave treatment, of course.


Atten-SHUN! Got a little spot you want unseen or covered up, stat? How about some unevenness that you would like to make, well, just a little less so? It’s a good thing then that we’ve got you covered, literally, with some totally teachable and easily-applicable techniques, tips and tricks to hide all those pesky imperfections?


We all know we are supposed to be drinking our eight glasses of water a day, but have you ever thought that our hands and feet need that kind of healing and hydration too? Well, with our exfoliating and hydrating process, we’ll quench that particular thirst. From hand to toe.


Now comes the time where all you have to do is leave your healed hands in our totally and completely capable ones for nothing short of the best and most manly manicure and impeccably perfect (and possibly polished) pedicure around to go with that oh-wow kind of brow you now have and that super smooth – and shaved – face you’re now sporting.


Do you want to keep that fine face of yours as ruggedly handsome and healthy as possible? Thought so. And with our package-included masculine microdermabrasion, you can and will do just that. Because by taking off the unwanted harshness of the elements – layer by layer – you’ll be able to face it all again, one ruggedly handsome layer at a time.

Ok boys, so all there’s left to do is ask just one last question. What are you waiting for? Call or click now to schedule your own pride and groom-like session, your Groom With A View, 45- minute and 50 dollar male grooming package with us today!

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