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Nah nah nah nah nah nah, well it’s time to get to pamperin’ YOU! That’s right, birthday girl, ring up and get all your girlfriends together and give our at-home pampering party a whirl! Sparkly tiara and/or birthday crown completely optional, but highly recommended to don when getting your celebration on! Wondering just what our festivities would happen to entail? Well sit back and listen to every last detail.


As birthday girl, party princess and queen, it is most important that you have a flawless face to be seen. So address your loyal subjects while looking your absolute best by letting us take the cosmetic reins by taking care of the rest. A swipe of oh-so-hot-right-now shadow here and a brush of super bright blush there and you’ll have nothing but complexion perfection to show off your flawless face EVERYWHERE!!


Every birthday princess and queen deserves to do nothing but reign most supreme; especially when in a way that just so happens to celebrate your special (birth) day. And what could be better to instill such a balloon-filled tone than by sitting and relaxing in your very own mani and pedi throne? So let us open the polish and brush on the fun and invite all of your girlfriends and guests, too, to join in and get some!


Remember our earlier soiree-centered suggestion to top off your hair with a sparkly crown that we mentioned? Well this is where the night’s next gift could come so easily into play as you let us have our hair-stylin’ way as we curl, twist and pin up your strands to be worthy of your tiara-focused get-up. And when we’re through and you look at your ‘do in the mirror’s reflection, you’ll have party hair perfection.


And as we all know, when getting ready to groove, we want to have nothing but the smoothest of moves. So why not add too, then, the same sentiment to your own skin so you can be extra soft and more when making your way across the dance floor? Just go on and think about it now, the utterly simplistic ease of the how: With just a little bit of wax, you can go and get your groove on, TO THE MAX.


To finish this festive gift-giving and getting shindig and soiree, we really cannot think of any better way than to let you lie down and let our hands do the work as we get out every kink, sore muscle and hurt as we gently massage, knead and soothe your royal highness’ every last birthday-centered move. And all you must do is just one simple thing, close your eyes and remember all the great gifts this night brings.

So that’s it, it’s complete, your coronation into at-home birthday-themed fetes; from your crowning glory of a stylish hairdo down to your super groovy, smooth-skinned moves. And as you are ushering your girls out the door, there is just one last thing you MUST implore: That the next girlie in your group to turn a year older really needs to remember us when becoming the at-home birthday girl bash holder.

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