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But so is mani and pedi and come to think of it, the word face too! Now, if you find you are wondering and curious too as to what these words could possibly have to do with any of this that’s being written today, then please, we invite you to sit down and stay; see, the day centered ‘round that four-letter love word is coming so fast, right on February 14th. And there’s no other day where you can put on display just how you feel about those that you hold oh-so-dear, so please listen and give us your ear.

As fun as it is to get pampered with every last product up on a professional’s shelf, you really must think about and admit that the best part of all of it is when you can impart the pampering for someone else to enjoy, say not just you, but also your lover boy. Because that’s most certainly what Cupid intended for this day when all of love’s labour(s) lost are fixed and mended. And who’s to say there is a better way to say I love you than with a day full of manis and pedis and stylish trendy hairdos?

Just so we’re clear, now that Feb. 14th/Valentine’s Day is near, this is what you should be giving, here:


Why should we girls be the only to experience the latest and greatest when it comes to our appearance? With every new cosmetic product that comes out, there’s one, if not more, for our male counterparts. So while we’re getting our makeup faces all done up, why can’t he be enjoying a bit of a shave and a lather up? That way when you’re done, with all in its place, you can look lovingly at each other – Face to Face.


One of our absolute favorite public displays of affection is when one reaches down for some hand-in-hand kind of connection. It’s simple, it’s sweet and it’s really a must, but don’t you want to be sure that it’s polished and not rough? So while you get yours buffed and all painted, why not let him and his fingers get a little less tainted so the next time he reaches for your handheld device, it’ll be twice as nice.


Being in love, well, nothing else will do. And don’t you want to look the part too? We mean, like, for your beau, from the top of your head down to your toes. So at your next pedi, let the stylist give your hair a good ‘do, all while you’re getting ready too. And go on and let your boy and his toes AND his hair have some styling due so you can both say aloud that you’ve most definitely got your head in the clouds.


If you remember one very important thing, let it be this much: It is very, very important that you remain soft to the touch; for your valentine, of course when it comes to the kind of affectionate displays like the kiss, cuddle and bind of the hand and the face that comes with a close shave or a wax to help you relax and remember just one thing, which is such: It is very, very important that you remain soft to the touch.


Nothing says date night more than a couple’s massage where you can both sit dreaming up your next dream date mirage; whether that be a tropical getaway or two or maybe just a country bed and breakfast with a romantically breathtaking view.  Whatever it is or what the case may be, you’ll surely be relaxed when our masseuse is finished, you’ll see because a couple that lays together, stays together.

Just don’t forget when you are getting ready to submit to the wiles and ways that this Valentine-filled day brings your way about all those four-letter words like love, mani and pedi and how they fit into your plans of getting ready because they all make perfect sense once you take the time spent to really understand just what that little cherub meant and has planned as you give not only of and to yourself but to your much and well-deserving man; and hopefully doing it all while hand-in-well-manicured hand.

So see how we did that, how we made all those four-letter words fit? Right on into our article of wit that gave you some pretty terrific little pointers, gift ideas and leads on just how to make your proverbial Valentine’s heart bleed with nothing but the utmost passion and joy by including not only yourself, but your boy? Because if you remember what Cupid has to say when it comes to this big holiday known as Valentine’s Day: It is not meant for just little you, but for your beau, your loved one, your lover boy too.

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