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So Mother’s Day has come and gone away for another year (and a day) but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor and celebrate our mamas on every other date. Because isn’t that what every mom wants to know and hear – that she is worthy of being thought of every single day of the year? We certainly think so which is why we are going to tell you all the pampering services YOU can buy to show that special woman who gave you life just how much you appreciate her; minus any stress or strife. And we’re pretty gosh darn sure she won’t mind this loving little task, so don’t even bother worrying about having to possibly ask: Mother may I do this for you only because we’re completely certain that she’d want you to.


Any woman or lady could tell you that the one thing they want when others take a look at and view their made-up faces (and hair too) is that they look naturally pretty and beautiful, true? So it would make sense, then, for you to set her up with her very own appointment for some cosmetic-y cues to learn just how to execute her most natural hairdo and face so she can light up any place that she so happens to walk into without any kind of regret or redo. Besides, when your mama is feeling confident, there’s nothing else that could possibly take precedent. For she’s not just your mom, she’s your Mom Dot Com.


Mothers have a certain unselfish way that makes it kind of hard for them to admit or say that they can’t even remember the last time they took a few minutes out of their day to relax and unwind in their own little nook. In fact, we’re not even sure that that particular word is in their vocabulary or even being heard which means it MOST DEFINITELY is time for you to go ahead and book a massage for her to unwind to. And we promise by the time we’re through, she won’t even be able to remember any of her tiny “to-dos” because she’ll be too busy exclaiming, “Mamma Mia!” from all that (massage) table laying.


It is very possible, too, that you may want to go ahead and review how many times in your life your mother has been completely, 100{3286fba155b05bfd2a83c1d864b78b151af209382e2c678c715adcb1d48b8809} right. We’re talking with every conceivable circumstance that you were just certain you knew the outcome in advance; which, of course, turned out you didn’t, but she did; which means you’re super lucky, since you are her kid. So as a sort of nod to her being the best of the best, why not let her choose her own next beauty treatment from all of the rest with a handy dandy gift certificate/card; which really will make it oh-so-easy for her and not at all hard. That way, you’ll be able to do nothing but attest to the old (and oh-so-very-true adage) of mother really, truly knowing best.

So those are just three of the things you can buy, you see, to make it known the world ‘round that your mom is the best that can and ever will be. But you don’t have to stop there. Not now that there are a million more pampering ideas, everywhere. Why don’t you treat her to one of our services, like, once a week? Because then there will never be a doubt in her pretty little head for her to speak out on the fact that she really is pretty gosh darn great and that she needs to have it be known – even if it’s not just one specific holiday or date. Because, remember what we say: She deserves to be honored every single day.

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