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fathers day

The holiday known ‘round the world as Daddy’s Day that we just so happen to celebrate in this sunshine-y month of June is coming up on us, real soon. So we thought it important, no, imperative to be oh-so-kind to you and to give ample ideas and long little lists with all sorts of manly gifts you should just go on and get so you can be in the know when it comes to your cool ol’ daddio. You know the guy we’re talking about here. The one that played catch with you in the yard or the one that tried to bite his lip really, REALLY hard whenever a boy would come to the door asking for you AND even gave his paternal permission when one of those boys got brave enough to ask for your hand so as to marry you!


We’re pretty sure it’s something that every father is just born with: the instinct to grab and reach for his wallet to pay with and for anything that his son or daughter asks for on any given day; but today we are asking you to sweetly tell him, “No way!” because YOU are going to be the one that pays for whatever spa-like treatment he chooses. Be it a super relaxing massage that instantly soothes to an extremely close, foamy shave that we promise will leave no sign of nicks, okay? And at the end of his pampering day, as he goes for his wallet to pay, don’t forget what we just preached and say, “Papa Don’t Reach!”


There is another way you could go if you really want to show your dad just how much you love him: Why don’t you just do all his beauty product shopping for him? That way you can kind of sort of repay his loyalty for all the times he stood outside the dressing room door as you threw yet another prom dress on the floor. Because we bet if we asked him when the last time it was that he went out of his way to get a product that was full of the necessary ingredients that catered to his skin, he wouldn’t even be able to attempt to remember when. So do it for daddy dearest’s skin and get him some of our MKMen.


And we’ve gone ahead and figured out one last thing, too: We bet your pops has never even seen what a pair of tweezers can do to those two furry friends that call themselves brows. So don’t you think you better get him to do it, like, NOW? Because if you think about it, this might be the only day in which you will ever again get your way when it comes to the grooming of his facial hair so you best do it while there is nothing else to compare. We’ll be so gentle and so lightning quick, he’ll never even know what hit him until he’s smack dab in the middle and thick of it. And ultimately be all the more thankful for it.

So with massages, shaves and brow-tweezing too, we’ve got all kinds of infinite ideas for you! Not to mention all that skincare. Woo. You’ve now certainly got quite an easy gift-giving road ahead of you. And it’s all thanks to your savvy wit for thinking to come to us for all your Daddy’s Day presents and gifts. And there’s no way he won’t be grateful for it all after, too, especially when he’s completely relaxed and totally soothed. Who knows? His next step may even be his own booking for a mani and pedi! Now all you have to figure out is how you are going to do it without having to forever and permanently seal this whole papa-don’t-reach-for-your-wallet thing as more than just a one-time deal.

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