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Today’s blog post is all about you: The retiree who was smart enough to save and save right on up until the day in which you could spend, spend and spend away on someone who so rightfully deserves it. Umm, that would be YOU. Think about it, won’t you? You’ve worked so darn hard all your life through countless struggles and strife to come to a point where you can visit a joint where you can be doted on for as long as you’d like. Now doesn’t that sound quite nice? We think it does and we’re proud to say that we’d like to be the ones tossing all that much-deserved pampering your way. So what do you say? Do you want to come and play at a place where you are the most important of VIPs and where you are attended to, endlessly? We think if we could see, you’d be nodding your head to agree, so come on in! But before you do, there’s one rule that you must commit to and not shirk: ALL PLAY AND NO WORK!!!


Now is the time to just sit back and let us pick up the slack on what has become your makeup routine, which you fully admit might be just a bit lean. Maybe it’s because you were so busy in the past, running around doing things for everyone else so very fast. Whatever the case may be, let us just say, that it’s finally time for you to let us play; and come up with a shiny and new makeup routine for you to do. Do you want a bit of metallic-y sheen washed across your lids for some glint and gleam? Or maybe you’d like to look like you’ve been kissed from the sun. Then we’ll do an all-over bronzed look. Done and done.


So given that you’ve got ample amounts of free time on your hands now, why don’t you let us take them and show you how it feels to be the one being taken care of? Come on, you know that sounds fun! You could try out a new stiletto nail shape altogether, like Lady Gaga, or whomever; we’ve even got nail polish that looks just like matte leather. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try some pretty floral nail art that happens to have caught your eye. That’s the beauty of all of this; in knowing you’ve now got nothing but time on your hands to enjoy all this ample beauty bliss. Because, remember, you earned it!


The machine we speak of being time and the inability we think of ever being able to have it rewind. But! That’s where you are oh so wrong, my friend, because with the above manicure, skincare and makeup application mentioned, combined with a little brow grooming and reshaping we can make that timeline bend back and right on in to reverse to which when asked what you’ve done to make yourself look so gosh darn young, you’ll just have to say you’ve been blessed with the curse of never ever looking your age, with very little work. Or you can just say (and mean) you have learned to age against the machine.

Those are just three ways, mind you, how we can and will pamper you if and when you do realize that this time is all about you being the prize that has been ultimately won because you’ve spent all your life putting all your ducks in a row, and then some, and just all-around getting things done. Isn’t that what all that working and saving was about anyway? To be able to look forward to that one magical day that you could finally take all that money you squared away and not have to save anymore for that proverbial rainy day, because now, it is here to stay? And believe that we’ve only just started with today’s post of scratching the service of what we could give you the most; we haven’t even told you about our massages or waxes that guarantee that every last bit of you relaxes! But that can come down another day, because you’ve got all the time in the world to be able to say:  ALL PLAY AND NO WORK!!!

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