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Line ’em up up up, line ’em up up up, line ’em up up up, you’re on fire! At least that’s what we hope you sing … err … feel after reading this article today all about how to achieve the perfect eyeliner look. Did you know that you should be using a different formula for each eye look you’ll be doing? Not just one black liquid eyeliner will do, but we’ve got your beauty back (or in this case, eyes). So read on below now, if you want to know just how to get all lined up and lid legit.


We know we said not just one black liner will do, but it WILL work if you are going for an Ariana Grande-like cat eye swoop. And the itty secret and trick? Just make sure your liner is always, always liquid. It helps with the glide you’re going to need to achieve the infamous swoop and flick that makes it so gosh darn classic. Remember to be super duper patient, but if you are in a hurry, don’t worry; just make a few dots right above the lash line on your lid and then connect ’em to form a line before wrist flick time.


If you want to get an eye look that’s more “Smoky” than “Bandit,” then you want to have a eyeliner crayon or twist-up that’s more soft and thick than it is it skinny or thin, only because you’re going to want to smudge it out from the outline and ring that you’ve now just so expertly achieved. There’s one great thing about smoking up your eyes: the element of being non-precise. The messier and more slept-in it is, the better the lid; and stray from black and try grey, yellow gold or plum while smokin’ ’em.


So we’re all down and quite aware of the nail art craze that has taken over everywhere, but why can’t the same be applied to your very own eye line? Think about it for a minute. Why can’t the same be done to your peepers to fulfill the inner graphic artist within all of us with a liquid eye pen we can both buy and trust? One that is doused in color and just thick enough to draw a box outside of our eye or an artful itty squiggly line with it? If you really start to think about it, the possibilities are endless.


Did you notice these few past fashion weeks that there’s a new eyeliner look for your peeps that’s all sorts of shiny and sequin-y? An insurgence and a throwback to an era when everything was glittery and sequined? With just one purchase and eye-lined swipe with your new glitter pen to the left or to the right, your entire makeup routine can be finished, dunzo and 100{3286fba155b05bfd2a83c1d864b78b151af209382e2c678c715adcb1d48b8809} complete? Heavy mascara? Nope. No need. Just an itty bitty and oh so sweet teeny tiny little glittering peek from your eyes all sequin-y.

So whether you are looking to achieve an eye-lined look that’s classic or more “Smokey the Bare-ish,” glitter bombed with supersonic shiny and glittery dew or graphically applied, then there’s bound to be an eyeliner out there for you to try. May we make one last suggestion as your article source? Why decide to attempt and achieve just one new eye-lined look? Why not all four? That way when you look in the mirror next at your finished lined product you really can sing that you lined ’em up – and perfectly.

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