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Question: Do you get the suggested 8-9 hours of sleep, each night, 7 days a week? After reading this article, we think we are all going to want to be well-rested little sleeping beauties. Why? Because friends, beauty sleep is not just a fairytale or myth. There is actual scientific proof to back the catching zzz’s claim that lack of sleep actually affects your pretty face.


Curious to know some of the things that could be happening and occurring while you are a-tossin’ and a-turning and/or staring up at the ceiling? Well, when you’re not countin’ sheep due to your obvious lack of sleep, your body produces hormone cortisol, i.e. a stress hormone, which can lead to the exacerbation of skin conditions like eczema, acne or psoriasis. You still not convinced? Keep readin’.


That’s right. The J Lo glow that we all dream and long for will never happen if we’re not sleepin’ or a-nappin. ‘Cause with the rise of inflammatory cells when we’re not snoozing well means the increase in the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen, the two molecules that give us that oft-coveted Jenny From The Block shining skin. If you want to glow even in the dark, your head to pillow you must park.


When we deprive ourselves of catchin’ those much-needed 8-9 hours of deep zzz’s, something else happens almost automatically: our eyes become all sorts of big and puffy; because the water balance in our skin gets completely rocked, jostled and upended resulting in not only the appearance of bigger-not-being-better-in-this-case peepers, but those pesky and dark under eye bags, too.


We kinda sorta hate that word, too. But, unfortunately, it’s inevitable if we keep not sleeping; the lack of collagen is on a downward spiral and decreasing when we’re not zzz-in’ which means our skin is losing all its flexibility and its elasticity – all the while getting drier and having no other choice but to have to go ahead and produce those nasty wrinkles, lines and crow’s feet.


This last reason may just convince you yet if you’re not sleepin’. Get this: When we get enough REM, then there’s no such thing as extra weight gain because our body naturally feels less hungry, but if we are frazzled and wide awake, we’re more likely to want to eat that ice cream or slice of cake. Translation: Weight gain, greasier skin and stretch marks can come a-rollin’ in. So let’s start 8-hour sleepin’.

How about we end this with a few sleep tips and tricks? 1) No makeup left on while dozing, just moisturizer and body lotion. 2) Sleep on cotton or silk sheets and be sure to wash them once a week. 3) Sleep on your back, not your side, for that’s where creases reside. Simple enough, right? Then let’s do this and get those 8-9 beauty sleep hours clocked in tonight! Ya? Alright! Then good luck and good night!

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