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Are you not so happy with the skin you’re currently in? Do you wish you could cover up all those pesky little facial irritations? Like your acne, rosacea and scars? Or how about beard shadows, birthmarks and your tattoos, from afar? Or post-surgery and cosmetic procedures and black eyes, too? Then let us now go on and teach you just how to discreetly mask all of your skin concerns and woes with what we like to call our team, Camo Ammo. So do you think you are you ready to learn all about what you and your skin can be without any of the unwanted blemishes or marks that come while playing this unhappy skin part?


We all have something on our face that we wish didn’t take up so much rental space. Yeah, Mr. Rosacea and Miss Acne, we’re talkin’ to YOU! And how could we forget Mr. Beard(ed) Shadow, too? Since when did we as your landlords grant and give you permission to nest and live it up in such a way that makes it nearly impossible to shoo you away? Good thing we’ve called in some cosmetic back up then, yes? With Camo Ammo covering up all your unwelcomed mess, we in turn, will have NO MORE skin stress. So Mr. Rosacea and Miss Acne will just have to go as we give you, ALL, the old epidermis eviction and heave ho.


What about all those permanent marks given to you by your parents’ genes and genetics, too? You know, the ones that were just came to you without your prior knowledge or you even wanting them to? Birthmarks or even the inked tattoos that you have always felt stuck with, in view, not knowing that you could just have them hidden by our cosmetic-y crew? And although you have forever to live with them, right, at least you don’t have to have them in plain sight. That’s what we’re here to do, make sure you know that you don’t have to see what you don’t want to have seen; with us and our Camo Ammo Team.


Have you found yourself having had a cosmetic procedure and/or surgery that has left you with all kinds of worry when looking in the mirror and not really believing what your poor little eyes happen to be seeing? Like big ol’ black raccoon-eyes staring back at you or maybe even a new scar or two that you really don’t want to be made any more visible? Then why don’t you hire us to make them invisible? We’re pretty gosh darn good at it, if we do say so ourselves, and we’ll even teach you our secrets, not put ‘em on a shelf; because we want you to love what you see when looking back at the beauty we see.

So hopefully after reading this post, you can walk away knowing the most about just how you can now answer anew whenever the skin question is posed straight at you about whether you like and/or are happy with the scarred or tattooed skin that you’ve been blessed with. But not the old super exposed one, oh no, but the new one that has it all covered up and aglow. That’s the one we want you to rave about. Not the one full of worry and doubt. And now you know, from our Camo Ammo pros, the mantra and lil’ motto we want you to SHOUT: Now you see it, now you don’t. And forget it? We know you won’t.

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