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Editorial looks, Hollywood glamour or Gaga gone wild, whatever the inspiration for your photo shoot, we’ve got the look.   When you’re doing a photo shoot, you want makeup that’s gonna hold up under the bright lights, makeup that’s gonna evoke emotion and tell a story. You want a makeup artist who is just that, an artist. You want Anne Lelievre.   With over 2 years in the business Anne is skilled hand who understands makeup and the demands of a photo shoot. From recreating classic looks to inventing and innovating, Anne’s an artist who can make magic happen with the wave of a brush.   Anne’s Photo Ready Pro Package caters specifically for photo shoots and on-camera makeup.

  • Creative Concepts

If you need an artist to develop looks for your shoot; Anne is your best bet at creating something that would make Italian Vogue jealous.

  • On-Set Professional

With tons of photo shoots under her belt, Anne understands the high tempo demands of a photo shoot. Ever the consummate professional she’ll gamely take on any challenge from difficult models to uncooperative weather.

  • Ready, Set, Go!

Time is money on any set and things don’t always go according to plan. Anne is a makeup pro under pressure and she works her wonders fast. Your photo shoot needs a makeup artist like none other; one with passion, focus and phenomenal skill. It needs Anne. Seriously, we’d never joke about makeup. Give her a call today.

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