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‘Tis the season – since the ho-ho-holidays are here at long last – to be nothing but jovial and jolly at our spa la la la la la la la la and start practicing and enjoying some (or maybe even all) of our pampering services o’ plenty; and while you’re at it with all this good makeup mani and pedi stuff, why not start to grab some gifts (read our ideas below) that’ll most certainly keep on giving to all the loved ones that you have written down on your very own nice, never ever naughty, perfect present-picking list?


Why not let one of our (holiday) seasoned professionals whip out their palette of many colors and give you something spectacular to don and wear for your next holiday soiree? Like, say, a silver and sparkly bold eye? Or what about a Santa-suited ruby red lip? Because when it comes to this festive and fancy time of year, what could be better than a glittery gala glow?


Hair and gone. That’s precisely what you’ll say while you’re shouting a holiday hip hip hooray after picking and choosing our waxed tidings of comfort and joy as you get all soft and smooth and oh-so-ready to mingle and schmooze while making your totally glammed up and gloriously grand entrance to many audible ahhhs and ooohs at your next fab festive-themed fete.


Wait a minute here … why don’t you go ahead and just sit your pretty self on down while it takes just one more teeny tiny second to find what we’re looking for … oh yes, here it is. Our happy holiday tool kit that’s filled to the bright little brim with gorgeous glamour and nails ready to get to work painting, polishing and perfecting your well-manicured fingers and hands.


Have you received an invitation for a big ol’ holiday bash that you plan on RSVP’ing to and attending this special Season’s Greetings time of year? And want to put only your best of the best foot forward? Well you have most certainly come to the right pedicure-giving place since we just so happen to specialize in this exact sort of twinkle-toed thing. So sit back, relax and stay a while as you close your eyes and let all those sugary sugarplums start dancing in your head as we your tinsel your toes.


With a goodie bag you are presently so anxiously awaiting to bestow, and that made the gift list that you were so carefully and thoughtfully writing now in tow, you are more than ready to wrap and bow some of the snazzy and razzle dazzle-y present ideas that we’ve put together as your own personal Santa’s helpers that are listed below. So are you ready? Let’s go! Ho Ho Ho!

• Holiday ornementation (Makeup) – Pretty eye shadows and luscious lipsticks can be found to give to those on your list.

• Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow (Skincare) – Moisturizers, serums and cleansers on show for some Ready, Set, Glow!

• Scents and giftability (Fragrances) – Perfumes, colognes and sprays are here to spread great-smelling holiday cheer.

• Gift of fab (Gift Certificates) – Don’t want to risk getting and giving the wrong gift? Get a certificate to settle this lil’ rift.

And now that you’ve taken the time to get all gussied up, primped and primed, there’s really only one thing left to say to you as you go on your merry made up and bright little way to hand out your perfectly-picked presents and gifts galore as you swish, sway and walk out of our spa la la la’s pampering doors … and that is a jolly and jovial Joyeux Noel and Happy Holidays!!!

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