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Chances are, right at this very moment, you or someone you know are finding yourselves right smack dab in the middle of having come down with a little case of what we wintery workers call The Holi-daze. Some seasonal symptoms you can expect to appear (just like Santa and those sleigh-pullin’ reindeer) range any and everywhere from the constant hearing of jingle bells a-rockin’ to the constant want to go a-flockin’ to malls and shops alike in order to gift those who are close to you with things they might like.

But those two symptoms can start to sound a bit silly and tame compared to what can also be obtained if you decide not to take any action and abstain from our Holi-daze getting warning and claims. The most serious of cases recorded are of those not reported, for they were afforded not one single mercy from this serious and seasonal curse-y; but because we are here to assure there’s a cure, we’ll first list in order the most serious of three to serve as our hope and our plea that you will never ever have to see:


Long thought to be anything but true, because it was merely unfathomable that someone could or would do such a blatantly unstylish and tragic-laced thing as to pull on, wear or bring a sweater or jumper emblazoned with any one thing resembling too much of a holiday-ish themed Santa-like face, Christmas tree or borderline bling.  They must have been feverish and a little confused because no one in their right mind would think to leave or go wearing such a blatant no on their way to saying ho ho ho.


When it comes to the making up of a festive holiday face, there really is one simple rule that’s the case: Less is most definitely more when you are thinking of walking on out of your door. So allow us to clarify, that means don’t be a “don’t” as you try as you might to swipe on a lip made of bright and then go on and reach for a liner for a dark smoky eye that you think couldn’t be any finer if you tried. So please, please remember in this month of December to just choose one and be done for a festive face of fun.


The last of the three of our most serious curse-y comes down to the shame of donning a too big kind of mane. We’re all for some height, but only when it’s done right. Because when it is not, you are left in the spot of having way too much lift as you pass out the gifts and you’ll gain all sorts of attention for your lack of conviction. So when it’s all out to there and guests don’t know when to look where, you’ll distract with stares at that really big hair. So if you rat with the comb, remember the tome: Go Big and Go Home.

So before we forever strike fear into all your holiday cheer, will you please let us now be specific in how you can avoid all this fuss and seriously unwanted muss by just following a few rules with some super specific tools to get and achieve a perfectly perfect look of ease so you won’t have a chance of coming down with an advanced case of the dreaded daze in this holiday maze? Because it is just so easy to look both casual and breezy all while you celebrate in just three steps, not eight. So are you ready? Great!!!


There’s another wise saying that has quite the impact and that is that opposites really, really do attract. You may be thinking, yes, but that’s just when one decides to go out on a limb and make a she or a him theirs for the taking so there’s no mistaking that they are part of a couple and/or pair. But that’s where you’re wrong because there’s nothing as strong as when you put a on the glitz and a bit of the ritz with a sequined, shiny top along with a boyfriend-y jean or legging for some opposition and pop in the making.


So let’s go now and move on to the most important tip in (Tinsel) Town. And that’s on the lip that you’re looking to get when you focus and favor just one feature to savor. And what better way to say Happy Holidays then with your own glam glaze of a ruby red pout to match that of the suit that the jolly ol’ dude dons when he’s got those charcoal-y black boots on; because you just never really know, and want to be more than sure that you are ready to go, for whoever decides to meet you under that mistletoe.


We’re pretty darn sure that it’s been proven that there is nothing more eye-pleasing than that of the chance to get a glance of some super seamlessly-styled strands and wonder just how that hairdo was made sans the hands of a salon-working pro all sorts of ready to go. But we’ve all got the ability you see, to do our own hair and have it end in grinning glee. Just work with what you’ve got, from the bottom to top, and whether it be a curly-curl, pretty pin or close crop – don’t forget to spritz some spray and STOP.

Now that you’ve steered clear of all that Holi-daze fear, we have to admit that if you are willing to commit to following our steps for your own pop of seasonal pep, you most certainly will not regret going out to collect all those many kisses you will certainly get as you proudly walk out the door, while shining from the top of your well-styled head to the very bottom of your shiny heels clicking on the floor as you imagine just how many pecks you may get as they come to adore. One, two, maybe three, even four!!!

It just couldn’t be possible, nope not even a little, for you to find yourself caught in the middle of having come down with a case of what we wintery workers call The Holi-daze, if you sit down and practice all the three different ways to avoid the most serious of the three seasonal symptoms we’ve so happily mentioned and avoid all that unnecessary and unwanted tension all because you just simply listened to our warnings and pleas for a holiday free from the whispers and stares when you take the time to care.

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