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First, you need to familiarize yourself with the trends.

The Return of Classic Elegance

This year is leaning a little more towards classy and elegant with black tie and long gowns really taking center stage.  Along with this comes the luxurious flowers like peonies and the garden flower, but brides are no longer placing them in giant center pieces. Oh no, that is out this year.  Instead, brides are really enjoying garlands made out of practically anything, paper included.

Non-Traditional Touches

Another item that is no longer “in” is the plain invitation. Brides are loving 3D, images, patterns, neon borders, and foil stamping.

Along with these non-traditional invitations being “in” are the cakes. One major look for cakes this year is a neutral cake with one pop of color, like a bright blow. On the other hand, the other major look is a cake that uses eye-popping color or all-over appliqués.

Upscale Meal Choices

While the invites and cake might be fun and really pop out, the food is quite sophisticated with many gold table settings and plated food.  Pork is in the spotlight as the dish of choice while many brides are opting for artisanal cocktails.

– Based on 2013 Wedding Trends: How to Use the Hottest Trends to Book More Weddings, by Monica Fortini

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