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What to expect with permanent makeup and microblading

Just the thought of a “micro blade” touching your skin could send shivers down your spine right? Microblading is a new technique that will make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Call it eyebrow rejuvenation, because that’s actually what it is, microblading will end your eyebrow worries in a heartbeat. You’ll be sporting beautiful eyebrows all the time.

But what actually is microblading, how is it done?

Here it goes. Microblading is actually a semi-permanent tattoo which lasts about one year. A micro blade is made up of very fine needles where the tattoo ink flows. Just like any tattoo, the ink is injected into the subcutaneous layers of the skin and done in several stages.

A micro blade is non-motorized which means you won’t be intimidated by a humming or machine sound in the background as you get the treatment. The procedure is also performed by a professional and not just any tattoo artist. After your session, your eyebrow will look natural and fuller.

What to expect after microblading is done?

Now this is where it gets tough. Microblading is a tattoo so you might feel a little bit of pain after the procedure. The skin area might also look and feel inflamed but not to worry. Everything will come out great IF you follow these tips:

• You will be asked to apply cold water and an ointment over the area for a week after your treatment to improve skin repair. This could be a hassle but remember this is just for a few days; soon you will have the superstar brows you’ve been wishing for!
• Never scrub, brush or pick at your eyebrows. The area will scar and it will feel weird; don’t touch it!
• Dark microblading effects are common especially during the first two to three weeks but soon the ink will finally settle in and you will have lighter-colored brows.
• Do not wear makeup over the area. If you need to put on makeup, stay away from the eye area.
• Never rush the microblading process. The first session takes around two hours.
• Microblading uses plant-based inks; be sure to inform your microblading technician if you have allergies or have experienced reactions to plant-based ink before.

Why permanent makeup?

Are you too busy to apply makeup? Do you want to wake up looking like a superstar, EVERYDAY? There is a procedure that applies permanent makeup which is very close to microblading. Permanent makeup is applying ink using a small needle onto the skin just like a tattoo. Since this ink is semi-permanent, you will never leave home without makeup for the next three to five years!

You can have permanent makeup on your eyebrows, eyes and on your lips, but a word of caution, like microblading, you must remember to care for your skin very well afterwards and to never rush the procedure.

Your face might appear inflamed after a permanent makeup application and this is a normal reaction to the procedure so don’t worry! As long as you follow the same guidelines as microblading, you will have that perfect, lovely face in no time!

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